Ramblings & Snippets from a Freelance Writer

Erin P. Capuano (erinpcapuano.com) has been a professional writer for over fifteen years with experience in television and print production. She has been published in various literary journals, poetry.com and websites such as talknerdytomelover.com, shewired.com, associatedcontent.com, and is a current Digital Journalist.

Nominated twice for Poet of the Year, received Poet of Merit and Editors Choice Awards from poetry.com and is published in their recent print publications. She was also the Head Script Writer for the television show The Consumer Guide Show which aired on PAX and BRAVO. Erin has also written for Time Warner Cable as a contracted copywriter for commercials as well as voice overs.

Before going out on her own as a freelance writer Erin was the Founder and Publisher of Lilith's Child Webzine which ran from 2000-2006. Lilith's Child was focused on indie female musicians with CD/Show Reviews, Interviews and Monthly Columns with contributors from around the globe. Throughout the years she's interviewed such artists as Annie Minogue, Missy Higgins, Sally Taylor, Melissa Ferrick, Antigone Rising, Jody Quine, Kristy Hawkshaw and Holly Figueroa just to name a few. In 2001 Lilith's Child debuted it's first and only live summer showcase with guest musicians Anne Deming, Jennifer Marks, Jaymie Gerard, Lori Michaels and Judy Saiya.

Since Lilith's Child ended it's amazing run Erin has been freelancing for various small businesses and companies doing advertising and promotional materials. Her main focus has been on website content but has also completed projects for sales kits, website promotional videos, and promotional materials.


Sometimes I disappear into the abyss
Only to emerge unscaved.

We can jump through hoops we can run through holes but can we ever truly escape our own futures? Life is but a single journey with an infinite end. EPC

One can only imagine the void this will leave in the world. We have lost a great writer, educator and staunch advocate for civil rights. What we do now with the wisdom she bestowed upon us is up to us and only us. One thing is certain there will never be another woman like Maya Angelou.

Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez died today at 87, the literary world has lost a wonderful author and a good man.

Mother of Invention


It’s seems so easy to look away

As she withers in poverty

While we gluten in excess

Killing her family members one by one

They starve they drown, freeze and burn

Never knowing from day to day if they will survive

Mothers struggle to feed their babies

While we debate why it’s happening

She gave us life intended for us to use it for good

She gave us nature intended for us to keep it safe

She gave us hope in the hopes we would pass it to others

We’ve destroyed the gifts that were given to us

Ethereal in her wisdom stern in her warnings

She’s coddled us for too long and made us passive

A mother who’s turned her back on us left us to fend for ourselves

As we call out for her arms to hold us, are we too late?

We’ve been so selfish exploiting her, using her and asking for more

We’ve defiled her with waste, injured her body and left her for dead

Abused her in ways no mother should endure and then asked why?

So now the question is not why it’s how, how can we make this up to her?

How can we reverse the horrid deeds we’ve done

How can we take back all the damage we’ve caused?

How can we make a better place for those who come after us?

And how can justice be served to those who have caused such heartache

How and what will you do?

Are you participating in the Day of Silence?

Are you participating in the Day of Silence?

It isn’t that we can’t have what we want, it’s that we don’t know what we want.


I see things the way others do not, that in and of itself is why I feel things others cannot.


Heather Nova - 01 - One Day In June - Hamburg - 15th July 2003

We still remember those that hurt us like it was just yesterday, the pain of someone violating your trust is irreparable damage. It’s hard to take into consideration how they feel or what they feel at the time they are committing the lies. While we try to forgive, do we truly ever forget?